Wednesday, March 24, 2010

just a quick update...

I'm finding that I'm beginning to miss the strange things about home/school such as the vegetarian riblet and mac and cheese I would get every friday at the SUB. Wow, Im in France and I'm missing my school cafeteria food.

I'm registering soon for next fall's classes and it doesn't look like its going to be an easy semester by any means. My classes will look something like this:

IPE 301 (Advanced Int'l Pol. Economy Theories)
IPE 311 (IPE of 3rd World Dev.)
IPE 405 (The Idea of Wine)
ECON 371 (Int'l Econ)

The last one is the one I'm most afraid of...but the rest are a little frightening too, but mostly seem really interesting.

I'm pretty exhausted from this week so far and have a fair amount of homework to do so I'm going to lie in bed and attempt to work on some of it...

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