Tuesday, November 30, 2010

I've realized that to describe my perfect guy is not a simple task. I've been getting more and more picky as I get older. And then I had a revelation:

I need a man who embodies the music of Bon Iver.

The depth, truth, intelligence, hint of sadness, and beauty that make up his music is what I'm looking for in a guy. The calmness and certainty it gives me would be my perfect companion. I am still capable of doing my homework while listening, and it even helps me think more clearly sometimes. It relaxes and inspires me and I thoroughly enjoy it's company.

Do not confuse this with the idea of me wanting Bon Iver (or the lead singer of the band, Im not sure what his real name is...) to be my boyfriend, I'm really not one for celebrity crushes. It's more about the art that he creates and the way it moves me to be a better person. This would be my perfect relationship.

Monday, September 6, 2010


The title of this blog post pretty much sums up everything I have to say. I just had my first ever sip of pumpkin ale and the explosion of refreshing crisp beer mixed with the festive taste of pumpkin and spices has left me with a profound nostalgia for Fall. Good thing it is coming up soon. Pumpkin ale is the new starbucks pumpkin spice latte in my life. The new fall drink to look forward to.

Drink it up.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

I like making lists

Books Read this Summer:

Omnivore's Dilemma

Books to Read:

Eat, Pray, Love
The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo
A Little History of the World
In Defense of Food
The World Without Us
Common Wealth
Where Men Win Glory
Three Cups of Tea

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Keen on Eugene

Well folks, it's day 4 of my 9ish day stay in the lovely town/city of Eugene, OR. I drove Miya up to Portland yesterday where we made our parting, and am now left to hang in Euegene for another week tout seule. The loneliness hasn't yet made me go mad, fortunately. I've been keeping busy studying for the GRE's, reading Freakonomics, playing guitar, and running/walking. I went over to the U district today and café hopped. Espresso Roma was a bit dissappointig and not very lively but I found this interesting place called Java Rock on 13th and Oak (ish?) that played nonstop Bob Marley and had a very laid back barista that made a mean iced chai. Got some more GRE vocab flashcards made. I'm almost done with vocab flashcards now, only 4 or so more pages to go.

Two more weeks until classes start- I have mixed feelings of anxiety and excitement for the start of the year. I'm a bit nervous cause I feel like I've been on vacation so long (since December '09 if you dont count Paris as real school, which I'm not sure if I do...) So I will have to get back into the swing of UPS level learning once again. Also I'll be taking some harder classes and will have to start thinking about writing my thesis. Not to mention the pressure of not knowing what I'm going to be doing with myself after graduation. I'm thinking I would really just like to move up to Seattle and live and work for awhile. and maybe go to grad school after a year or so of doing that. Or maybe I'll just take a really long roadtrip and drive around the country for an indefinite amount of time.

I always feel like ending blog posts is a bit awkward- like I need to come up with an excuse to stop typing.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Summertime, the Living's Easy

So I've decided to turn my "travel blog" into my "life blog"...we'll see how this goes. Feels like forever since I was in Paris but in reality its only been a little more than a month...it's crazy how four plus months can go by and then you look back and it just feels like a dream you had one night.

Summer has been going interestingly enough so far. I did 3 weeks of kid sitting and now I'm just house sitting for the same family while they are in China. Basically I have an abundance of free time on my hands and have been trying to come up with fun ways to spend it. I've been teaching myself (re teaching myself..?) guitar and am pretty proud of the progress I've made. I have a fair amount of chords down and some noteworthy calusses on my finger tips. I've also been reading a fair amount and studying for the GRE's. All of this is helping me from sinking into the feeling that I am doing absolutely nothing with my life.

I might possibly job shadow a nurse at some point this summer, but the application still hasn't come in the mail yet...

Blah, blah, blahhhh.

Saturday was fun, aside from USA losing in the world cup that is. I watched the game and then, feeling inspired, went out with my friends and bought a soccer ball and then proceeded to play for awhile. Then played some Cranium. And at sunset we drove to Point Defiance to watch the sunset on the beach with wine. We mistakenly stayed past hours and got locked in the park for an hour until security came to unlock the gate. We saw approximately 10 deer and 2 raccoons.

Thats all the life I have in me to update right now.


Tuesday, April 27, 2010

becoming an amateur fashionista

I must admit, that while living in Paris these past 3 months or so, I definitely have been bitten by the fashionista bug. Just walking around the city offers so much fashion insight and outfit ideas. It also doesn't help that my beloved house mate, Annie, is a fashion design and merchandising major and is always up on the newest trends and offers excellent fashion advice. I really feel like this is one thing I'm going to miss about Paris once I leave. In the US (and in Tacoma, WA in particular) the majority of the population goes for comfort and cheapness over fashionable, when it come to clothes. The past 19+ years of my life I have never found anything wrong with this simple fact, but now that I've spent a considerable time in Paris, something has changed, and now it seems like a big problem. Parisians even believe that it is utterly necessary to dress your babies well. I can't count how many 2 year olds I've seen in perfectly tailored pea coats. I don't even have a perfectly tailored pea coat. My first opinion of these well-dressed toddlers was that they were adorable, but that it was completely unnecessary, considering they will probably grow out of all their beautiful clothes in a month! Now, something in my mind has changed, and I see how important it is for those 2 year olds to have their wool pea coats, thick, colorful tights, matching hats, and mary jane shoes. It makes perfect sense.

All joking aside, I wanted to make sure to document some of the current trends that I have notice around Paris. Here they are:

First off, we have the tights and shorts combo. I love this one. I have acquired many pairs of tights over the last couple of months (hey don't judge, they're versatile and cheap!) and love to pair them with many things and even just wear them under jeans as sock replacements when I haven't done laundry in awhile. Next we have the black skinny jeans, black blazer, and French retro striped shirt. You can never go wrong wearing these stripes in Paris, they are everywhere and widely accepted as fashionable.
Another blazer photo. There is a kind of magic that happens once anyone puts a blazer on; a sense of maturity and professionalism arrives out of nowhere. You're suddenly in charge, and you can handle anything. Highly recommended to wear for job interviews, internships, and any other environment demanding professionalism to be pulled out of thin air. The blazer is also a very versatile item of clothing and can be a great light layer to add to any going-out outfit.
Last but not least, the Ben Simon. The Ben Simon is the trademark tennis show of Paris. To put it in an analogy: Ben Simon is to Paris as Converse is to the US of A. They are simple, low to the ground shoes that come in many fabulous colors and various styles. The lace up (shown on the right) is the most classic, but recently they have come out with more styles such as the slip on (as seen on the left) and the faux lace-up slip on (as seen in my closet). Ben Simons are worn amongst children, teens, and adults alike, although seem to be a bit more popular among the younger populations. Selling for 25 Euro a pop, it has been hard for me to resist buying all the colors and variations my little amateur fashionista heart desires.

Friday, April 16, 2010


Today, since a large number of IES students containing many of my friends, headed off to Giverny for the day, I decided to do some Paris adventures toute seule (by myself). I started off by trying to find Le Jardin Rosiers, which my host mom told me is a beautiful, hidden little park not far from where we live. Her directions were only about 70% accurate, but with the help of some friendly french florists (alliteration much?) I was finally able to find my destination. Despite the fact the roses were not yet in bloom, it was a quaint little hide-out with a good number of french people and lots of soleil. I forgot to mention that it is beauuuutiful out today. All the best "spring in paris" generalities combined into today; Pefectly comfortable weather, an ocassional breeze, beautiful city, and of course lots of fashionable french people out flaunting their new spring wardrobes. I spent probably a good hour and half to two hours having a picnic with myself at Le Jardin Rosiers. It was the perfect chance to get some much desired sun and reading time in.

I then left the park to go to my new favorite shoe store called "Tout est pour Moi!". The reason this was my third time in the last 2 weeks that I was entering this shop is due to their supply of an adorable and simple french tennis show called le "Ben Simon". I am in love with these shoes. They are basically the Converse of France, but in better colors and more frenchy looking. Also, I see young french people wearing all the time, so I know they are a basic french fashion must-have. The reason I keep coming back is because the store owner (who I'm basically bff's with now) keeps expecting a new shipment of colors in and I keep waiting for them to arrive. Also, my friend requested that if I go by the store I buy her a pair in charcoal gray, so you see I had to go check it out again. I left the store with my friends pair and a pair of my own in white (I almost bought 2 pairs for myself, so this is a success)!

Now in a buying mood, I headed to Monoprix to pick up some sunscreen and socks. On my way back I decided to chercher for some macaroons, a french cookie-type thing that I hadn't yet tried and decided it was high time. I figured they would be everywhere, but in fact they are a bit hard to find. Boulangeries don't have them, and even a lot of patisseries don't make them! I headed in the direction of the Jewish quarter where I know there are a lot of cute small food places. I finally found a patisseries that had one kind of macaroon on their shelves. It was white chocolate (which isn't my favorite taste) but I decided I had to get it since I had walked all the way over there and didn;t have anymore ideas of where I could go to get one. Despite the over-sweetened white chocolate taste, the macaroon was absolutely delicious. A bit crispy, a bit crumbly, a bit creamy, waay yummy. I need to find some more of these in more flavors soon.

In the area I came across two tea stores, both of which I have fallen in love with. One is called "Palais du Thè" and the other one starts with a K but I can't remember the rest of the name right now.. In Palais du thè I bought tea sachets (100 for 2 euro) so that I can make my own tea bags. I also found a rice green tea that I've been looking for, for awhile. Success.

Overall, I realized that it's nice to go adventuring by myself once in awhile. I can do what I want and have my own weird goals (like finding a rose garden or a macaroon) without worrying that the other person/people I'm with won't be interested. I feel like I got a lot of ground covered and a lot of things I've been wanting to do done.

Also, my final class schedule:

ECON 371 (Int'l Econ) with professor Ly: Mon_Wed_Fri 12-1250
IPE 301 (Theories of IPE) with professor Peine: Tues_Thurs 1530-1650
IPE 311 (Third World Development) with professor Konto: Mon_Wed_Fri 11-1150
REL 222 (Jihad & Islam) with professor Ingalls: Mon_Wed 16-1720

The only curve ball is the religion class. I decided to take it right as I was registering. The wine class that I wanted was already full with 8 people on the waiting list, so I decided to take something that I've been interested in even though it doesn't go toward anything. Both the professor as well as the subject are completely new to me, but I'm excited for the class. I feel like during my time abroad I've been more exposed to Islamic culture and want to learn more about it.

Long post, hope it was able to hold someone's attention!


Sunday, April 11, 2010

The Countdown Begins

Today is April 11th. Exactly one month from today I will be meeting up with my parents in Paris. Exactly one month and four days from now I'll be on a plane coming back to the states. It is truly unbelievable how fast time can go by.

I feel like I need to make the most of every single day left here but then again, sometimes I feel like just being here is enough. A group of us went to Barcelona for our extended Easter weekend. It was so nice to stay in just one place and not be moving to new places every day like all our other trips. Barcelona was absolutely beautiful, I only wish it had been a bit warmer so I could have gone to the beach! I've had a lot of summer/beach envy recently. I want to go to the beach and have it be hot and be able to just lie in the sun. I am sincerely hoping that this will happen when we go to Nice and Greece after our program is done.

I finally feel like I have made some decent progress with my french acquisition. The other day I was just walking around la place de Republique by myself. I went into a show store (bought a pair of shoes) but the important part of the story was that I was able to have a lengthy conversation in French with the woman working at the shoe store. She didn't even try to slip into English with me! I felt very accomplished.

Im starting to really feel like I need to get on a regular exercise schedule. My running has been pretty sporadic and this needs to change soon! Months of baguette and cheese eating mixed with little physical exercise does not do a body good. Fortunately, the amount of walking that is a necessary part of a Parisian's life is keeping me from becoming obese :)

Below are some Barcelona pics:

View from the top of Park GuellOn the longest park bench in the world! At Park GuellEating churros con chocolate (very popular thing to do in Barcelona)Beach!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

just a quick update...

I'm finding that I'm beginning to miss the strange things about home/school such as the vegetarian riblet and mac and cheese I would get every friday at the SUB. Wow, Im in France and I'm missing my school cafeteria food.

I'm registering soon for next fall's classes and it doesn't look like its going to be an easy semester by any means. My classes will look something like this:

IPE 301 (Advanced Int'l Pol. Economy Theories)
IPE 311 (IPE of 3rd World Dev.)
IPE 405 (The Idea of Wine)
ECON 371 (Int'l Econ)

The last one is the one I'm most afraid of...but the rest are a little frightening too, but mostly seem really interesting.

I'm pretty exhausted from this week so far and have a fair amount of homework to do so I'm going to lie in bed and attempt to work on some of it...

Friday, March 12, 2010

Highlights from SB

So if I were to go through all the places and things I did over spring break it would be a novel; thus I am going to paraphrase. We took the plane into Rome where we stayed for 3 nights. Ate lots of gelato, pasta, and pizza and saw lots of old and cool things such as the coliseum, the vatican, ruins, the pantheon, and trevi fountain. Next we took a 3 hour train to Milan. I honestly could have skipped over going to Milan; everything seemed to be oddly spaced out and empty. We had a hard time finding our hostel and when we finally got there they informed us that the water heater was brokedn therefore we had to stay at another hostel for the night that was way the heck across town. So we trecked our booties waay over to the new place, which ended up being a 3 star hotel (pretty nice for our standards). We finally got out for some sight-seeing and saw the famous cathedral (absolutely gorgeous) and the Galleries where all the expensive designer shopping is. Later on we met up with some of Amanda's friends who are studying in Milan and went out to a nightclub with them. It was fun, but I don't think I would plan on returning.

Next we hopped on a plane to Agadir, Morocco. Driving from the airport to our hostel random Moroccan kids were waving to us-- I felt like some hyped-up celebrity, it was bizzare and kinda sweet at the same time. Agadir was beautiful and warm and the sunny weather and beach scenery was a nice change from Paris' cold, city feel. We had a really nice taxi driver named Moulay who we arranged to have pick us up the next day and drive us up to Marrakech. He showed up the next day with his old, clunky Mercedes form the 80's all shined up and ready to go. He was still wiping down the hood as we were getting in (another example of the small things in Morocco that make the average american student feel like royalty). He drove us the whole 4 hours up to Marrakech and it was cool to see the Atlas mountains and random Moroccan terrain during the trip. Marrakech met us with the chaotic atmosphere we were promised. We arrived in the city around 10:30 pm and our loyal taxi driver set us up with a Moroccan who would show us our way to the hotel since there was no access by car. Our hostel was nestled into the bustling Medina district which was very vibrant and lively even at 10:30 at night. The next day we woke up early to take full advantage of our day. The day started with free breakfast at our hotel of delish Moroccan bread rolls with butter curls and fresh honey. yum. From there we pretty much just let the city take us where it wanted. We ended up seeing a big tannery where leather is cured and dyed (smells awful) and then got to see the shop with all the final products (beautiful). I bought a camel leather luggage bag (my splurge of the trip). We then wandered through more shops, eventually got lunch where I ate Tagine chicken (first time I ate chicken in a long time, but it was delish). Saw lots of cool/exotic animals such as monkeys, turtles, chameleons, and cobra snakes and saw some less exotic animals such as millions of stray kittens in the streets and donkeys carrying stuff everywhere.

Anyway, back to Paris now and midterms start next week, blehh. It's hard leaving paradise and coming back to reality, I feel like I had a small degree of culture shock coming back to Paris where things are so much less chaotic and laid back. That being said, I still seem to fall more and more in love with this city as the days fly by.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Le Début de Mars

So tomorrow Annie, Amanda K, Kelsey and I are heading out to Rome. We will be spending 3 nights in Rome, and then taking a train up to Milan and spending one night in Milan. We will then take a plane from Milan to Agadir, Morocco, stay one night in Agadir then take a taxi from Agadir to Marrakech where we will spend our final night before heading back to Paris. As excited as I am, I am also very exhausted just thinking about the whole trip. It'll be a total of 6 airports that we will be dealing with across the span of 7 days...I know it sounds a bit crazy but students take drastic measures to cut down the costs of traveling, especially while abroad. If I had it my way I would have probably only wanted to go to either Italy or Morocco and spend the bulk of my Spring Break in one of these two countries, instead of running around like crazy, but we'll see how it goes-- I'm sure it will end up being an adventure.

Reading other people's blogs who are abroad, I feel like I'm failing as an international blogger. Coming on here has been feeling a bit more like homework than an enjoyable pass time and I don't feel like my writing quality/stories are as exciting as the others I've been reading (this could be due to the fact that it's feeling like homework). As much as I want to have an exciting blog, I haven't really had the motivation lately.

What I am excited about are the upcoming trips that Annie and I have been planning. We have tickets to go to Barcelona, southern France (Nice...Monaco..), Athens, a ferry ticket from Athens to Santorini, and we are trying to set up a weekend to go to Munich, Germany as well. I feel like the mindset about most students studying abroad (and especially in Europe) is that they want to travel a ton. I've realized this is more difficult said than done since traveling takes a lot of preparation and money. Also, since we are first and foremost students here, there is limited time for traveling which means a lot of the trips end up being rushed. Part of me wishes I could just take as long as I wanted in each place and not worry about rushing around to get everything in. What it comes down to though is that I really should not be complaining about anything while I'm here since I'm incredibly fortunate to have this opportunity to study abroad in the first place!

Below are some pictures of the Louvre at dusk:

Friday, February 19, 2010

So I know I haven't been updating this as much as I was hoping to....honestly I can't think of too many exciting events to talk about at this point. I've officially been here in Paris one month and one day and everything is starting to feel like normal. This past week or so I've just been wanting to catch up on sleep and so today I was finally able to sleep in as long as I wanted, it was much needed. All my classes are going well and we're starting to get into tougher material and actually writing papers/doing presentations etc. Spring break starts at the ends of next week and 3 friends and I will be adventuring to Italy and Morocco. There are so many places I want to visit around here it's going to be hard deciding which ones to leave out.

Anyway, the little video I posted is of La Bonita (the 4 month old kitten) and Samsam playing with eachother. I really love having a kitten around despite all the scratches I receive from her.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Un Weekend à Amsterdam

It was super foggy the second day of our trip
This is the room Kelsey and I stayed in, in our boat-hostel
This is the bookshelf behind which the Frank family resided in secret for 3 years
There was randomly someone dressed like the grim reeper standing in the middle of this plaza
Another pic of the same plaza
Me, Amanda, Kelsey, and Annie in front of the canal
There was some cool graffiti around the city
Lots of swans in the canals. I was surprised at how big they are in real life!

On the dock where our boat-hostel resided

So this past weekend three of my friends from IES and I took a bus to Amsterdam. We left Thursday night at 11pm and arrived at 5:30am at the Amsterdam bus station. We then proceeded on a small adventure to try and get to our Hostel which is actually a house-boat hostel called Vita Nova. We took a taxi but the driver had no idea where on the dock our boat was so he just dropped us off near the dock. We then walked for about an hour or so in the freezing cold Amsterdam weather with all our luggage to find our nautical home. At around 7am we finally arrived and had to wake the hostel manager up to check into our rooms ( I still feel bad about doing that but he told us it would be okay to check in that early!) We took about an hour long nap in our 7x7 ft. squared room. This time of year in Amsterdam it doesn't get light until about 8:30am and then starts getting dark again around 6 or 6:30pm which took some getting used to.

Amsterdam is a really fun city full of lots to do. It was a nice break from the expensive city of Paris but I somehow managed to spend a lot of money anyway. Two of the best touristy excursions we did while there was 1) Visit Anne Frank's House and 2) The Heineken Brewery/museum. I highly recommend both of these attractions to anyone who is thinking of going to Amsterdam. In the historical Anne Frank house we got to see the actual hiding spots of the Frank family and got to experience a bit of the life in hiding that they lived during 3 years of the Holocaust. It's a very interesting story and fascinating to be there in the actual place where they lived. The Heineken Museum, on the other hand, was fascinating in a very different, less depressing type of way. We got to tour the brewery and taste what the different stages of the beer were. There was also an interactive part of the museum where we got to "get brewed" into a Heineken beer bottle. Basically it was a platform we stood on and a big screen in front of us showing what stage of the brewing process we were going through and there were special effects (such as splashing water on us) at different stages of the "ride" to really feel what it's like to become a beer.......kind of like Heineken's version of the Disney ride "Honey I Shrunk the Audience", if anyone has experienced that one. At the end of the tour we got free samples of freshly brewed Heineken. Needless to say, the whole experience definitely brainwashed me to become more of a Heineken fan.

The above photos only capture the first half of our Amsterdam adventure because my camera died at the beginning of our second day...ironic because my dad had e-mailed me and told me to make sure the battery was charged before the trip.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

First of many photos to come

Out on the town with some French people we met
Me and Annie
A cool area with lots to do at night
Igor with his diaper. It still cracks me up.
This is the IES Center where I take all my classes
This is an action shot of Igor slipping on the hardwood floor while wearing his diaper.

Sam Sam

The living room
The kitchen/dinning room
My little window closet with cute drapes.
My desk
My bed (with Sam Sam sleeping on it as usual)

So I finally got some pictures up! Hope everyone enjoys seeing a bit about my living and schooling situation here in Paris :) I still haven't been able to capture a shot of La Bonita, the little 3 month kitten we have here, because she is too quick to run away and hide. It'll happen eventually!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Jeudi, ma Quatriémè Journée à Paris

I feel like I'm starting to get the hang of things here. I finally have a cell phone, enough metro tickets to last me until the end of the month (ish) and am getting to know people in the IES program better and better. Last night I hung out with a few other girls from the program and it was a lot of fun. We met up late and walked around the area around Bastille, did some bar hopping, and ended the night with a warm butter and sugar crepe at a place that stays open late. Soo good.

Yesterday, first thing in the morning, we all took a language placement test to see which level of French language and culture class we would be placed in. It is the only class that is mandatory for all the IES students to take, so we are broken into three different levels. I scored in the middle group, so there's one group more advanced and one group more basic than the one I'm in. I'm happy with my placement and even know a few girls that are in my class.

So today we started our week of "intensive french" sessions. I put this in quotes because it is only a two hour session that we take every day for one whole week. It's pretty much just review of basic things like conjugating verbs in the present tense. Wow, pretty intense. But joking aside, I do think it is useful to go over it all and I'm sure it will get a bit harder when we get into the more difficult niches of French grammar.

In other news, me and Sam Sam have become quite close lately. He likes to help himself into my room as he pleases, and it's become routine for him to sneak his way in at around 5-5:30am each morning. Fuuuun. If he isn't able to get the door open by himself he will proceed to meow at the door until I get up and let him in. He's decided that my bed is the best in the house, so I'm afraid my fate is sealed. He's a snuggly little guy and likes to stretch out right next to me and purr away as I try to fall back asleep.

Hope everything is going well in the States! I know how boring all these words can be to read, but I swear pictures are coming soon!


Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Duexième Journée à Paris

Today was my second day in Paris, but my first full day. I had orientation at the IES abroad center from about 1:30 to 3pm which was full of useful information to stay safe and out of trouble in Paris.

The family I'm living with consists of a husband and wife, their 17-year old daughter, Constance, two cats and one dog. Igor, the dog is almost 20 years old and is very feeble. They told me that "his only working organ is his nose". The whole family is vegetarian and Gladys and Ivan make most of their meals themselves. Ivan is a FABULOUS chef. Tonight for dinner we had homemade vegetable soup with homemade bread. Then we had cooked and seasoned tomatoes with rice. They are very healthy eaters.

The appartment is a beautiful, old building from the 1700's situated in the 3e arrondissment, which is very close to the center of the city. The streets around here are all very tiny, barely enough room for one car to get through! There is one other American IES student living with me, named Annie, and our rooms are right next to each other, sharing a door.

That's all I can think of to share for now. It is still a bit overwhelming for me to be immersed in such a different culture and as of now I am completely exhausted!

Bon nuit!


Thursday, January 14, 2010

3 days before I leave...

I've decided to start a blog in order to keep everyone who is interested informed of my time spent abroad. It's 3 days before I leave for the City of Lights and I'm beginning to get excited about my upcoming adventure! I have my finances straightened out, my visa in hand, and a warm winter coat. Currently one of my biggest concerns is that I don't have a big enough suitcase.

I'm going to be staying with a vegetarian family in the 3e arrondissment who have a 17 year-old daughter living at home and a cat and dog as well. I will also be living with another American student who's from Indiana. I found out that my school is about a 40 minute commute by metro, or an hour long walk...so that will take some getting used to!

Well that's all I can think to share for now. I'm hoping to keep up with this on a semi-regular basis.

Au revoir!

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