Thursday, January 21, 2010

Jeudi, ma Quatriémè Journée à Paris

I feel like I'm starting to get the hang of things here. I finally have a cell phone, enough metro tickets to last me until the end of the month (ish) and am getting to know people in the IES program better and better. Last night I hung out with a few other girls from the program and it was a lot of fun. We met up late and walked around the area around Bastille, did some bar hopping, and ended the night with a warm butter and sugar crepe at a place that stays open late. Soo good.

Yesterday, first thing in the morning, we all took a language placement test to see which level of French language and culture class we would be placed in. It is the only class that is mandatory for all the IES students to take, so we are broken into three different levels. I scored in the middle group, so there's one group more advanced and one group more basic than the one I'm in. I'm happy with my placement and even know a few girls that are in my class.

So today we started our week of "intensive french" sessions. I put this in quotes because it is only a two hour session that we take every day for one whole week. It's pretty much just review of basic things like conjugating verbs in the present tense. Wow, pretty intense. But joking aside, I do think it is useful to go over it all and I'm sure it will get a bit harder when we get into the more difficult niches of French grammar.

In other news, me and Sam Sam have become quite close lately. He likes to help himself into my room as he pleases, and it's become routine for him to sneak his way in at around 5-5:30am each morning. Fuuuun. If he isn't able to get the door open by himself he will proceed to meow at the door until I get up and let him in. He's decided that my bed is the best in the house, so I'm afraid my fate is sealed. He's a snuggly little guy and likes to stretch out right next to me and purr away as I try to fall back asleep.

Hope everything is going well in the States! I know how boring all these words can be to read, but I swear pictures are coming soon!


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  1. Hey Julia, I've enjoyed reading your blog! Sounds like you are enjoying yourself and having FUN!!! Sam Sam seems to know that you would miss your cats, so he has made you his best friend. All is well here. We had a HUGE storm. My power was out for about 40 hours, I received over 1 foot of snow (5 feet up in the mountains--in one day!). I slipped and fell and threw my butt out ( snowshoeing for awhile...) Going to see the King Tut Exhibit next week--hope I can walk!!! Well, have lots of fun and I'll contact you again later. Love ya!



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