Tuesday, January 26, 2010

First of many photos to come

Out on the town with some French people we met
Me and Annie
A cool area with lots to do at night
Igor with his diaper. It still cracks me up.
This is the IES Center where I take all my classes
This is an action shot of Igor slipping on the hardwood floor while wearing his diaper.

Sam Sam

The living room
The kitchen/dinning room
My little window closet with cute drapes.
My desk
My bed (with Sam Sam sleeping on it as usual)

So I finally got some pictures up! Hope everyone enjoys seeing a bit about my living and schooling situation here in Paris :) I still haven't been able to capture a shot of La Bonita, the little 3 month kitten we have here, because she is too quick to run away and hide. It'll happen eventually!


  1. Love the pictures!

  2. C'est trop mignon!!!! Je ne peux pas attendre de te voir!!


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