Tuesday, November 30, 2010

I've realized that to describe my perfect guy is not a simple task. I've been getting more and more picky as I get older. And then I had a revelation:

I need a man who embodies the music of Bon Iver.

The depth, truth, intelligence, hint of sadness, and beauty that make up his music is what I'm looking for in a guy. The calmness and certainty it gives me would be my perfect companion. I am still capable of doing my homework while listening, and it even helps me think more clearly sometimes. It relaxes and inspires me and I thoroughly enjoy it's company.

Do not confuse this with the idea of me wanting Bon Iver (or the lead singer of the band, Im not sure what his real name is...) to be my boyfriend, I'm really not one for celebrity crushes. It's more about the art that he creates and the way it moves me to be a better person. This would be my perfect relationship.

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