Friday, March 18, 2011

Dreaming Dreams

The news said that Mubarak had been taken out. 'Finally', I thought. Then in a conversation about the north African events, I confused Egypt's situation with Libya' embarassing to be an IPE major and mess those up. 'Too bad Gadaffi isn't gone yet', I thought.

Next I was living in an appartment inside of a mall. A "penthouse" we called it. It was me and one other friend. A guy knocked on our door and just walked straight inside our place. He kept just casually talking a walking further and further into our place. Neither of us really knew what to do. I guarded the steps to upstairs and asked him what the heck he was doing here. He wouldn't give a straight answer. He made his way upstairs and I found the phone (sitting on the kitchen floor) and called 911. I calmly explained the situation that we were in and they said they'd be right over. It was a nice cop guy and he seemed as suspicious about this guy as we were. The guy came downstairs with loads of clothes and stuff he claimed to be his. Neither me or my housemates had ever seen this stuff before. He said he used to live there but when we asked when he had lived there, he couldn't recall the exact year. The policeman patted down the intruder and found a large knife on him. He also found a bizzare wooden sculpture that was full of French Roast coffee grounds. The intruder had a friend that decided to show up at this point. His friend was a chauvinistic pig who kept implying that we slept together. I tried punching him but it didn't work out too well. He was very strong and I felt so enraged that I couldn't defend myself against him.

That was basically the end of the dream. Incomplete as usual.

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