Sunday, April 11, 2010

The Countdown Begins

Today is April 11th. Exactly one month from today I will be meeting up with my parents in Paris. Exactly one month and four days from now I'll be on a plane coming back to the states. It is truly unbelievable how fast time can go by.

I feel like I need to make the most of every single day left here but then again, sometimes I feel like just being here is enough. A group of us went to Barcelona for our extended Easter weekend. It was so nice to stay in just one place and not be moving to new places every day like all our other trips. Barcelona was absolutely beautiful, I only wish it had been a bit warmer so I could have gone to the beach! I've had a lot of summer/beach envy recently. I want to go to the beach and have it be hot and be able to just lie in the sun. I am sincerely hoping that this will happen when we go to Nice and Greece after our program is done.

I finally feel like I have made some decent progress with my french acquisition. The other day I was just walking around la place de Republique by myself. I went into a show store (bought a pair of shoes) but the important part of the story was that I was able to have a lengthy conversation in French with the woman working at the shoe store. She didn't even try to slip into English with me! I felt very accomplished.

Im starting to really feel like I need to get on a regular exercise schedule. My running has been pretty sporadic and this needs to change soon! Months of baguette and cheese eating mixed with little physical exercise does not do a body good. Fortunately, the amount of walking that is a necessary part of a Parisian's life is keeping me from becoming obese :)

Below are some Barcelona pics:

View from the top of Park GuellOn the longest park bench in the world! At Park GuellEating churros con chocolate (very popular thing to do in Barcelona)Beach!

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