Thursday, September 22, 2011

in the eye of the hurricane called life

Its been such a good day. Despite waking up at 1pm and being unmedicated for the past 3 days, resulting in me obliviously floating down to the downtown, the day has come together quite nicely.

The medication was picked up finally, and the surge of serotonin coupled with a hazelnut latte set me in the path of jittery energy and bliss.

I love where I am. This place, this space. Full of beautiful people who are living beautiful existences, or even if they aren’t, most of them still manage to emit beauty.

So many friends have contacted me today, and I’ve realized that’s really what life is about- having human connections and loving your friends. Without people, existence is pointless. Not to say that a certain degree of solitude isn’t necessary, I whole-heartedly believe solitude is healthy, but in moderation.

I titled this post “in the eye of the hurricane called life” because that’s the perfect description for how I feel right now. It could be from my erratic sleep schedule and inconsistent compliance with medications, but I feel like life is swirling around me and I’m just sitting here peacefully in a coffee shop, trying to enjoy the moment and find satisfaction in the here and now. But I should be working, I should be doing so much more. I should I should I should. I guilt myself daily on being unemployed and not doing enough right now.

Im reading Russell Brand’s “Booky Wook” right now and I swear to whomever that this man is a genius. It’s gritty and real and fucking hilarious. The literature fits perfectly into my life right now, it’s like a hearty dose of whatever I seem to need at the moment.

The only scheduled event in my life right now if my weekly soccer matches. Tuesday nights from 8:45- 10:15 is the only block of commitment that I have. It’s gloriously concerning.

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